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TWGFEX Membership Application 1-28-2011


This Guide was developed to instruct existing and prospective committee members on the conduct expected of them in executing their duties. The following policies set forth will govern all committee members, including committee chairs:


(1) Members are expected to carefully review and obey the TWGFEX By-laws and the well as any other applicable policies or rules issued by the Chair or the TWGFEX Executive Committee.


(2) Members are expected to familiarize themselves with and abide by any existing
committee standard operating procedures.


(3) TWGFEX recognizes that committee membership is voluntary; however, accepting a committee appointment requires a level of commitment of each committee member commensurate with the goals assigned to the particular committee. Except where excused by the TWGFEX Chair or the Committee Chair from fulfilling such obligations, members are expected to participate in the following manner:

(i) Prepare for and attend committee meetings.* Most committees will have their
meeting in conjunction with the TWGFEX Annual Meeting and Symposium.
ii) Respond to phone calls, e-mail, and other communications from the committee chair or others respecting business of the committee.
iii) Most importantly, each year that a person serves on a committee, he or she is expected to make some contribution towards the achievement of one or more
committee goals. 
(*It is recognized that professional, financial, and time commitments may prevent a committee member from attending the annual meeting or other meetings which may be convened, in which case the member should request of the Committee Chair that he or she be excused from attendance.)


4) Chairs are expected to participate as other members, and to fulfill additional duties assigned to them from time to time in their role as chair, which include the following:

i) Upon the commencement of a new committee year, notifying members of their appointment to the committee and the committee’s goals and objectives.
ii) Providing committee members timely notice of upcoming committee meetings, and presiding over such meetings or arranging for another member to preside in the chair’s absence.
iii) Encouraging member participation towards accomplishment of committee goals.
iv) Reporting progress towards accomplishment of the committee goals in a timely fashion to the Chair, as required.


(5) It is a term of committee membership that the creation or product of a committee member, made as an individual or as part of a group, which is offered towards the accomplishment of a committee assignment, is owned by TWGFEX. If asked, committee members are required to sign an acknowledgment of their waiver of copyright or any other rights they might otherwise have in work done for TWGFEX as part of a committee. Members who want permission to use the creation or product they have developed, or who want to maintain copyright in any contribution to a committee assignment, must make specific arrangements in writing with the Chair, Executive Committee, and the National Center for Forensic Science.

(6) Members expressing opinions or making statements about any matter that may relate to the business or perceived jurisdiction of their committee must make it clear that such opinions or statements are that of the individual member, and not made on behalf of TWGFEX unless such person is authorized to speak on behalf of the committee or on behalf of TWGFEX


TWGFEX Committee’s include:

  • On the scene side- Education/Training, Job Requirements-Certification, Scene Protocols, and Fire Modeling Database.

  • On the lab side-Explosives Education/Training, Explosive Database, Explosive Standards/Protocols, Fire Education/Training, Ignitable Liquids Database & Fire Standards/Protocols. Standing Committee's-Research, By-Laws, Membership, Communications, & Symposium.


If you would like more information, please feel free to contact any of the following people:


Dennis Hilliard; Chair

Carl Chasteen; Vice-chair

2007-2008 National Needs Assessment for the Near and Long Term Future of Fire Debris and Explosives Analysis and Investigation

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