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T/SWGFEX Working Committees



Active Scene Committees:

Education/Training Mission Statement: To develop relevant fire and explosive investigation training guidelines consistent with recognized national standards and protocols, to meet the needs of the fire investigative community.



Douglas Williams, Chair

Frank Doyle

Ronald Kelly

Jerry Rudden

Tom Thurman

Philip Freeman

Jason Mardrosian

Laura Billon

Terry-Dawn Hewitt

Elayne Pope

Karl Thompson•Dave Smith

Tammy White

Greg Olson

Kenneth Creech

Christopher Porreca

Thomas Petty

Joe Kennedy

Dave Smith

Kim McDonald

Ron Hopkins

Job Requirements and Certification Protocols Mission Statement: To review and develop best practices which address the investigation of fires, examine and comment on job requirements and certifications of fire investigators.


Walter Steven Sprouse, Co-Chair

Mark A. Teufert, Co-Chair

Gerald Kufta

John Lentini

Bradley A. Schriver

L. Ray Scott

Chris Van Vleet

Scene Protocol Committee Mission Statement: To identify and catalog the standards, protocols, references, and guides that are currently in use for fire, arson, and explosion scene investigations. Further, to publicize information about such documents and facilitate public safety personnel's use and understanding of such documents.


Terry-Dawn Hewitt, Co-Chair

Christopher Porreca, Co-Chair

Laura Billon

Ron Churchill

Robert Goodwin

Barry Grim

Robert Huston

David Klitsch

Gerald Kufta

Jamie McAllister

J. Ron McCardle

Rick Merck

Rodney J. Pevytoe

Jody Radziewicz

Walter Stephen Sprouse

Jerry Rudden

David Smith

Skip Voorhees

Charlie Shotwell  

Fire Modeling Database Mission Statement: To gather valid materials properties data to disseminate to a materials database, for use by a multi-discipline group, that provides physical and mathematical interpretation of pre and post fire scenarios.


J. Ron McCardle, Co-Chair

Rick Merck Co-Chair

Greg Gorbett

Patsy Warnick

Tom Minnich  

Active Laboratory Committees: 

Explosives Education and Training Mission Statement: To identify and develop, where necessary, training guides and materials for current and future explosive lab analysts incorporating traditional and emerging methodology and responding to new challenges facing the forensic community.


John Graham Rankin, Co-Chair

Lisa Windsor, Co-Chair

Barbara Andree

Chris Bommarito

James Crippin

Christina Henry

John Drugan

John Kelleher

Amy Lawrence

Alfred Lucas

Michael V. Martinez

Kent Harris

Explosives Database Mission Statement: To identify and develop online databases that may be useful to forensic explosives analysts and investigators.


Jeffery Jagmin, Co-Chair

Eamonn McGee, Co-Chair

Robert Mothershead

Dave Green

Kristin McDonald

Wayne Moorehead

Hue Tang  

Explosives Standard Protocols Mission Statement: To describe standard laboratory analytical protocols, emphasizing best practices


Dennis A. Chapman

Lloyd Erwin

Clyde Alfred Liddick, Co-Chair

Kelly Mount

Jimmie Oxley, Co-Chair

David McCollam


Ray Ladrick

Annalivia Harris

Douglas Klapec

Judith Link

Nancy Love

Robert Mothershea

Fire Education and Training Mission Statement: To assist and guide the forensic science community in the training of aspiring fire debris analysts by developing training materials that ensure comprehensive coverage of all aspects of fire debris examination.


Ingrid Dearmore

Susan Hetzel, Co-Chair

Christine Gabig

Susan Ballou

Charles Cornett

Jagjeet Bains

John DeHaan

Deborah Lind

Koren Powers

Melanie McMillin

David Sugiyama  

Tracey Ray, Co-Chair

Ryan Gallagher 

Ignitable Liquids Database Mission Statement: To manage the development and continued enhancement of an ignitable liquid database, a substrate database, and an ignitable liquid product repository that are easily accessible, searchable, and downloadable resources for fire debris examiners.


Sharee Booke Wells

Carol Clemmons, Co-Chair

Craig Bryant

Doug Byron

Carl Chasteen, Co-Chair

Jess Dunn

Karen Fleisher


Ruth Henk

Dennis Hilliard

Judi Hoffman

Christa Rajendram

Mike Sigman

Sherrie Thomas

Mary Williams  

Fire Standard Protocols Mission Statement: To advance the practices of forensic laboratories in the examination and analysis of evidentiary samples associated with fire investigations.


Phil Antoci, Co-Chair

Paul Mark Lyne Sandercock, Co-Chair

Andy Armstrong

Melissa Balogh

Vincent Desiderio

Dale Mann

Reta Newman

Ken Rider

Thomas Simpson

Eric Stauffer

Mike Trimpe

James Vose

Kelly Wouters  


2007-2008 National Needs Assessment for the Near and Long Term Future of Fire Debris and Explosives Analysis and Investigation

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